Aquila SL Marble Table

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The Aquila SL Marble Table in Saragosi is a handmade artisan marble coffee table by Aquila & Co. The Aquila SL is a fully functional marble coffee table which comes in four separate pieces. The Aquila SL can be setup within ten minutes or less from receiving it following the user instruction guide steps (sent with your order). The Aquila SL is available in Aiden, Saragosi, Vera Emperador, Nero Emperador and Sion marble types. Each marble type showcases a texture and pattern of the most unique and beautiful tones blended together in ways that are truly remarkable.

We design the Aquila SL as a stunningly beautiful luxury coffee or living room table that our customers can swiftly assemble themselves. We adhere to our principle of simplicity for our customers. The Aquila SL can be placed in virtually any home, office or event space you desire, providing you with elegance, luxury and sophistication.

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