Why Marble?

Everyone wants to know "Why marble"?. 

The best answer is, there's really nothing more spectacular than marble. Most people don't know this, but marble itself is a raw material that takes millions of years to be created and in some cases, hundreds of millions of years. 

Combining both the process of marble being created naturally from mother earth with the handpicked marble types we use for our Aquila & Co. marble table lines, there just is no comparison of matched beauty worldwide. 

We've been able to hand-select a few very specific marble types that are some of the most rare and requested marble types in the world. 

Our marble types we have as of today are the following five:

1. Aiden (Black)

2. Saragosi (White)

3. Sion (Purple & White)

4. Vera Emperador (Light Brown)

5. Nero Emperador (Dark Brown)

Each one listed above was picked as our founding marble types which combines, Marble Patterns, Density/Longevity, Scarcity, & Color. All of which are extremely important for our customers. 

So why marble? Because there's just no better alternative.